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Active Health

Our Active Health Exercise Referral scheme is a great way for people with long term health conditions to increase physical activity levels and improve health. The 12-week scheme works with local healthcare professionals providing a service where inactive residents can be referred to lead a more active, healthy lifestyle.

The range of activities available includes the gym, swimming and exercise classes with 1:1 supported sessions provided throughout by a qualified Exercise Referral instructor. Regular physical activity can benefit your heart health, manage your weight, improve your muscle and joint functions, and positively affect your mind. Not only will it help you manage and control existing conditions, but it will help protect you from developing other health complications too.

Who will benefit?

Exercise can have a very positive impact on your health and wellbeing, with the scheme providing the perfect opportunity to make a lifestyle change. Whatever your age, there is strong evidence that leading a physically active lifestyle can help you lead a healthier and happier life.

Exercise can have many benefits both physical and psychological, providing improvement in conditions such as:

  • Respiratory Conditions
  • Mental Health i.e. mild to moderate depression
  • Stress / Anxiety Management
  • Hypertension, controlling blood pressure
  • Coronary Heart Disease prevention
  • Diabetes Type 1 & 2
  • Weight Loss / Weight Management
  • Osteo / Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Musco-Skeletal

How the GP Referral Scheme operates

A healthcare professional such as a GP will refer patients by issuing them with an Exercise Referral form to be taken to their local centre/club. This referral form gives details of any medical problems the patient may have which will need consideration when the Exercise Referral Instructor is formulating an appropriate course of exercise. The patient will then contact the relevant centre to arrange their initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

The patient's first visit to the centre/club will be in the form of an Initial Consultation. This will give them the opportunity to meet their instructor and become familiar with the facilities. Starter forms will be filled in after a review of the patient’s medical needs and preferences, and an induction will take place on the fitness equipment. At this consultation the patient will undergo their first fitness assessment - this test is repeated after 6 and 12 weeks to assess the patient's improvement.

Exercise Programmes

At the following appointment an exercise programme will be devised by one of our instructors and the patient will be given an attendance card to record their visits and progress over the 12 week period. The Instructor will be happy to go through the different activities that are available to you throughout the 12-weeks, with review sessions available at 6 and 12 weeks.


Discounted rates will be offered to patients on the programme and further incentives will be given to encourage them to continue exercising after their 12 week course has been completed. To get started on the scheme contact your local healthcare professional to receive a Exercise Referral form and for any further information please use the contact details below for the relevant centre/club.

Willowbrook Leisure Centre: 01235 812058 or  

The Park Club Milton: 01235 206777 or

The Park Club Chatham: A Better Medway on 01634 333720 or . Alternatively you can contact the site on 01634 565349

The Park Club Ashford: Kent Community Health on 0300 123 1220 or . Alternatively you can contact the site on 01233 229909

Willowbrook Leisure Centre: 01235 812058 or


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