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Betty Pestana - Willowbrook

Tel: 07734330658

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I‭ didn’t have an interest in fitness or a healthy lifestyle until after I was pregnant, prior to having my daughter I didn’t ‭exercise or eat healthy, as it wasn’t for me. After having my
‭daughter I realised it was time to get fit! Not for any other ‭reason apart from my self esteem and well being. Since starting my journey in 2011, I have lost 40kg (6st 4lb) and I
‭am really enjoying my fitness, as a good workout makes me ‭feel like I have achieved something as well as motivating me ‭to keep going.

‭When I look back at where I was 6 years ago to where I am ‭now I feel proud of what I have achieved, this keeps me hungry for success not only for myself but also to help my
‭clients to succeed and reach there own fitness goals. ‭From the knowledge I have gained through my years of ‭training I want my experience to help others achieve their
‭fitness goals. I have felt the struggle and pressure of not wanting to fail / not being motivated… this is where I come in, we will work together to push you to your limits and allow
‭you to reach your fitness targets. Together we can get there!


Level 2 Gym Instructor
‭Level 3 Personal Trainer


‭“If you want what you've never had , you have to do what youve never done!”

Client Testimonial

‭I find Betty to be great at motivating me to get to my fitness ‭goals. Before signing up I was doing my own thing in ‭the gym and not really getting anywhere. After having my
‭consulation and paying for 3 sessions as a test to myself ‭before fully committing I noticed my weight began dropping ‭off, this spurred me on further and I have now been training
‭with Betty for a month and have lost a stone. She pushes my boundaries by writing me new and challenging programmes and has made ‭me more confident in the gym as she is great at ‭keeping an element of fun to the training. Sessions are never the same and we always try new things. 

I would highly recommend Betty as a trainer, sessions are fun but challenging and she has given me the confidence boost I ‭needed, as I am no longer self-conscious about ‭my body.


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